Reusable Metal Bottles are Becoming a Trend

Reusable Metal Bottles Are Becoming A Trend

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custom stainless steel water bottle

With the significant increase in disposable plastic consumption. According to the Earth Day Network, humans buy about a million plastic water bottles every minute, but only 23 percent of them are recycled in the United States, and it’s getting worse: We’re using more plastic than ever since 2000, and that number is expected to double by 2030.

Reusable metal water bottles  can be a better choice.

Nowadays, reusable metal bottles are becoming a trend. There are so many changes in the market that many brands start to introduce reusable metal bottles to occupy the market. Thanks to innovation, the global reusable water bottle market is witnessing an abundance of products in all shapes, sizes, and even flavors.

1. Reusable metal water bottles are BPA free, which can be recycled and environment-friendly.

Fear of the effects of climate change has created a wave of activism among teenagers. A 2019 poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation in Washington found that seven out of 10 teens believe climate change will have a significant impact on their lives.

“For a generation that has grown up in the shadow of climate change, there are very few public ways to demonstrate your commitment to improving the environment without carrying a reusable kettle,” said Wilke, an anthropology professor.

A growing number of young people are urging their peers to embrace reusable items to reduce waste. Many young people think: “Recycling is good too, but next to recycling, we should start by reducing waste.”

In addition, Americans’ high concern for health and self-care also contributed to the metal bottle trend.

2. Chic and beautiful appearance, various technics and printings

Hydro Flask is a rare and popular brand that has won the hearts of young people and celebrities in the US, after being sold to global conglomerates. In recent years, Nalgene’s clear plastic bottles have become popular, especially since the brand began making them free of BPA, chemical commonly used in plastics.

Concerns about the health effects of BPA led to the existence of Hydro Flask. Teenagers use stickers and original artwork to personalize their metal bottles. Then, they showed off their style on social media, which reinforcing the trend of metal bottles.

3. Metal Bottles Can Also Become Fashion Accessories.

On the base of the metal bottle, after gorgeous design or add accessories, the metal bottle has become a new fashion representative. A mini metal bottle with a buckle attached to a belt can also be a popular trend.

insulated steel water bottle
stainless steel water
Prada’s much-hyped water bottle, pictured on the street in Berlin
insulated stainless steel 10
Everich Crystal Water Bottle for Christmas

As one of the best manufacturers in China, Everich produces premium stainless steel water bottles.

There are various printing techniques, such as surface printing: spray painting, powder coating, transfer printing, heat transfer printing, 3D printing, 4D sculpture,and logo printing: slik printing, laser ngraving, embossing…

You can always find the one you want.


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