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As manufacturers of stainless steel water bottles, Everich understands the importance of not only providing high-quality products but also ensuring that they meet modern standards of aesthetics and functionality. In this article, we delve into various surface treatment techniques employed in the industry, highlighting both common methods and innovative approaches to enhance the appearance and performance of our custom water bottles.

Common CMF for Custom Water Bottles:

Spray Painting:

Spray painting offers versatility in achieving different finishes such as glossy, pearlescent, matte, elastic, and transparent matte. This method allows for customization to meet consumer preferences while providing durable coatings for stainless steel water bottles.

Spray Plastic Coating:

Similar to spray painting, plastic coating can deliver glossy, matte, or gradient finishes. It provides an additional layer of protection against scratches and enhances the tactile feel of the bottle’s surface.

Thermal Transfer and Laser Marking:

These techniques enable precise application of designs and branding onto the surface of stainless steel bottles, ensuring durability and resistance to fading over time.

Silk Screen Printing:

Ideal for intricate designs and logos, silk screen printing offers vibrant colors and sharp detailing on stainless steel surfaces.

Special CMF Processes:

Ceramic Inner Paint:

Water-based ceramic paint, typically transparent in color such as white, milky white, or gray, offers a versatile solution for low-temperature glaze decoration of ceramic products like vases, cups, and handicrafts. When applied to thermos cups, it is usually sprayed onto the inner tank.


1. Environmentally friendly: Water-based ceramic paint adopts a safe and non-toxic formula, free from benzene, ketones, esters, formaldehyde, and toxic heavy metals like TDI. It emits a minimal odor, posing no harm to human health, and is environmentally friendly.

2. Durability: With a hardness rating of 6H, ceramic paint is resistant to damage from impacts. It also exhibits excellent film hardness (up to 4H), high brightness, strong adhesion, and resistance to high temperatures and aging.

3. Compliance: Compliance with FDA, BPA, and California 65 regulations, ensuring safety and quality standards are met.


Preparation: Ensure the inner wall of the cup is free from electrolysis and contaminants.
Cleaning: Thoroughly clean the cup body to remove any dirt or residues.
Preheating: Place the cup in a drying tunnel and preheat to around 55 degrees Celsius.
Spraying: Apply the ceramic paint evenly onto the inner surface of the cup.
Drying: Allow the cup to dry in the tunnel, ensuring proper fixture placement and inner wall dryness.
Inspection: Check for any yellow spots on the cup body and remove them using sandpaper if necessary.

4D Printing:

4D printing, also known as the color carving process relief, offers a versatile solution for creating intricate designs on stainless steel water bottles. Unlike traditional printing methods, 4D printing does not require specific design pattern requirements, allowing for the creation of concrete, abstract, and imitation leather patterns with precision and accuracy. The process focuses on achieving high pattern and color accuracy, with software capable of reading colors directly without the need for standard pattern color numbers.


1. No plate-making fees: Unlike traditional printing techniques, 4D printing eliminates the need for expensive plate making, reducing production costs.

2. Short processing time: With purely automated software operation, 4D printing enables quick completion of sample effects and reduces the proofing time of finished products to just one day.

3. Elimination of manual processing costs: Automation reduces processing time and eliminates the need for traditional baking processes, streamlining production and lowering costs.

4. Versatility: 4D printing can solve challenges associated with traditional printing methods, such as heat transfer printing, water sticker full pattern seam, film printing, and meeting specific cup bottom and mouth size requirements.

5. Accuracy and vibrancy: The design patterns produced by 4D printing are highly accurate, and the colors are bright and vivid, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of stainless steel water bottles.

Water Transfer Printing:

Water transfer printing encompasses two techniques: watermark transfer printing technology and water coating transfer printing technology. Both methods involve placing the object horizontally on the surface of the water and utilizing water pressure to evenly transfer color texture patterns onto the product’s surface.


1. Versatility: Water transfer printing can apply any image onto solid objects, including curved surfaces, with bright colors and absolute photo-quality results.

2. Seamless application: The excellent tension of the water-coating film allows it to wrap around the product’s surface, creating a graphic layer akin to spray paint. This process can cover workpieces of any shape, solving the challenge of printing on three-dimensional products for manufacturers.

3. Applicable materials: Water transfer printing is suitable for a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, ceramics, and rubber.


1. Dyeing: Patterns applied through water transfer printing may be prone to deformation, with regular and seamless patterns only achievable on the bottom and upward-facing surfaces. Small white spots may also appear.

2. Roll dyeing: While roll dyeing offers less deformation of patterns, it may result in gaps, and the processing cost is higher.


Preparation: Spray primer onto the object’s surface.
Baking: Bake the object at temperatures ranging from 100 to 160 degrees Celsius to set the primer.
Transfer printing: Match the corresponding cup with the appropriate clamp for transfer printing.
Cleaning: Clean the object and enter it into a drying tunnel for further baking.
Inspection: Inspect the printed cups and repair any defective products accordingly.
Finishing: Spray a topcoat onto the printed surface, grind if necessary, clean, and package the product after baking.

Air Transfer Printing:

Air transfer printing utilizes dyeing paper to air-dry patterns and then sublimate them at high temperatures to transfer onto objects. This process requires high-definition pattern making and offers a variety of effects such as wood grain, marble grain, patterns, parquet, and three-dimensional relief.


Preparation: Spray primer onto the object’s surface.
Topcoat application: When applying the topcoat, distinguish between glossy and matte finishes.
Wrapping: Wrap the object with the dyeing paper.
Baking: Place the wrapped object into a drying tunnel or oven for baking.
Finishing: Remove stitches, peel off decals, clean, and grind the surface.
Packaging: Package the finished product for distribution.


1. Vivid color patterns: Air transfer printing produces color patterns that are vibrant and visually appealing.

2. Seamless patterns: The transferred patterns are typically seamless, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the product.

3. Applicable materials: Air transfer printing can be applied to various materials including metal, chemical fiber fabrics, aluminum profiles, handicrafts, and more.


Incorporating advanced surface treatment techniques not only enhances the visual appeal of stainless steel water bottles but also ensures durability, safety, and compliance with regulatory standards. By embracing innovation in CMF processes, we continue to provide our customers with premium-quality products that meet their evolving needs and preferences.

Everich: Custom Water Bottles Manufacturer

We excel in crafting top-notch custom water bottles, emphasizing quality and affordability. Our design philosophy focuses on innovation, simplicity, and sustainability, aiming to deliver value to our clients. From a variety of lids to advanced printing techniques, we cater to diverse needs with over 300 patents annually. Additionally, we offer comprehensive branding solutions, including silkscreen printing, laser engraving, and more, to showcase your company’s identity effectively. Partner with us, and let us bring your custom water bottle designs to life while enhancing your brand presence.


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