Do you want to find a reliable bulk can cooler supplier? Everich bulk insulated can cooler is made of premium stainless steel and keeps drink cold or warm for more than 12 hours. Our can coolers are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and capacities. Our MOQ is 3000 PCS and can be customized according to your requirements. We have the ability to make all kinds of surface finish, logo printing, packaging for your choice. If you are interested in our can cooler, please feel free to contact us.

Everich Can Cooler Bulk

Custom Your Stainless Steel Slim Can Koozie Bulk

Surface: Spraying, powder coating, electroplate, 4D printing, water transfer, air transfer, heat transfer, etc. are available for your insulated skinny can cooler bulk.

Logo: For wholesale can cooler, there are silkscreen print, laser engraved, embossed logo, heat transfer print, 4D print, sublimation transfer, etc.

Lids: We are capable of making various kind of lids such as straw lid, sports lid, handle lid, stainless steel cap, spout lid, flip lid, etc. for your skinny koozies bulk.

Packaging: Egg crate, white box, custom color box, cylinder box, display box, etc.

Quality Management System

Upholding your branding standards is the Everich QC staff’s mission. The staff conducts a thorough QC examination of raw materials, semi-completed and completed items. Everich’s QC system significantly ensures the proper condition of your orders without affecting our manufacturing speed. Our responsible QC staff will be with you all the way from design to production. You can create a strong foundation for big return business thanks to our QC system.

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Automated And High Efficient Production

We embrace automation and invest a lot into it to stay competitive in the industry. By using robot systems to do labor work, the efficiency has been significantly improved and the labor cost has been sharply reduced. Robots can be programmed to operate 24/7 with a high degree of accuracy. This is how we are able to offer a cost-effective solution to our clients. Everich is in a good position to handle your outdoor project in a short time and offer your outdoor products of high quality.

Your Expert Wholesale Can Cooler Factory in China

MOQ is flexible and can be negotiated. Accept Customization for Small Orders. Design Products as Your Idea. Innovation and Robot Efficient Production. Submit an Online Message. Reply Within 24 Hours by Email.


FAQs About Wholesale Can Cooler

For your convenience, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions. Still, please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Insulated can coolers are made from different materials, each with its pros and cons. The most common options include:

1. Foam
Foam coolers are lightweight and budget-friendly. They do a decent job of insulating your drinks, but they might not keep them ice-cold for an extended period.

2. Neoprene
Neoprene coolers are flexible and excellent at keeping drinks cool. They also come in various designs, making them a stylish choice.

3. Stainless Steel
Stainless steel coolers are the heavy-duty option. They’re incredibly durable and can keep your drinks cold for hours on end. However, they can be a bit heavier.

4. Hard Plastic
Hard plastic coolers are rugged and can withstand some serious wear and tear. They’re a solid choice for outdoor adventures.

Choose the material that aligns with your needs and preferences. If you prioritize durability, stainless steel or hard plastic might be the way to go. On the other hand, if you want something lightweight and trendy, neoprene could be your best bet.

If you have any doubts about how to find can coolers, please contact Everich, the most professional wholesale can cooler manufacturer.

A well-known can cooler manufacturer in China,  Everich have rich experience in manufacturing drinkware and containers with custom shapes, caps, logo print, surface finish, packages, etc. Moreover, we have more than 200 patents, including appearance patents, utility model patents, etc. Mainly applied in China, Canada, EU, Japan, etc. We also design for our clients, many designs have registered patents by our clients.

# Size/Capacity: 14oz, 18oz, 24oz, 32oz, 40oz, 64oz,128 oz or other customized capacity.

# Multiple Replacement Caps/Lids: Straw Lid, Sports Lid, Handle Lid, Stainless Steel Cap, Spout Lid, Wooden Lid, Flip Lid, etc.

# Surface Finish: Spraying, Powder Coating, Gradient Ramp, 3D/4D/5D Sculpture, Water Transfer, Air Transfer, Heat Transfer, etc.

# Logo Printing: Silkscreen Print, Laser Engraved, Embossed Logo, Heat Transfer Print, 4D Print, Sublimation Transfer, etc. 

# Packaging Box: Egg Crate, White Box, Custom Color Box, Cylinder Box, Display Box, etc.

Our MOQ is flexible and can be negotiated, giving you the highest flexibility in the testing market. We will calculate the cost correspondingly, hoping you can place large orders after checking the quality of our products and know our service. Please feel free to contact us, we will respond fast to your request.

Sure. We usually provide existing samples for free, but a little sample charge for custom designs. Samples charge is refundable when the order is up to a certain quantity.

We usually send samples by FEDEX, UPS, TNT, or DHL. If you have a carrier account, it will be fine to ship with your account, if not, you can pay the freight charge to our Paypal, we will ship with our account.

It takes about 2-4 days to reach. If you want your own designs, it takes 5-7 days. Click here to get a sample now!

Of course, we are professional in OEM/ODM projects and we protect all the designs of every client, we will sign NDA if needed to ensure that we won’t send your artwork to any other clients and won’t sell your OEM items to anyone else. Any questions please send us your inquiry.

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