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Everich is a professional wholesale stainless steel water bottle manufacturer in China for more than 20 years. All our bulk metal water bottles are certified by LFGB, REACH, FDA to ensure high quality. We offer customized solutions and OEM&ODM service. If you have customized needs for bulk metal water bottle, we can offer custom options including custom logo, finish, lid, shape, color, packaging and various accessories. Our MOQ is flexible. Welcome to purchase bulk stainless steel water bottles with Everich. Contact us now!

Your Reliable Insulated Water Bottles Manufacturer

Why Choose Us As Your Wholesale Insulated Water Bottles manufacturer

Professional Design Teams: Our design team composed of more than 20 designers and engineers, every year we created more than 300 innovative designs for the market, and will patent some designs.
Quality Management System: We have over 50 quality inspectors who check each shipment against international inspection standards. Click here to learn Everich quality control process.
Automatic Production Lines: Everich water bottle factory is equipped with automated production lines to automate various processes to ensure high-quality and low-cost production.
Free Insulated Water Bottle Sample: Provide free water bottle sample for testing to confirm that we meet your custom design requirements. Click here to get a sample now!

Custom Options of Wholesale Insulated Water Bottle

Custom Project Services
Custom Project Services

Can offer free customization services for our clients, we have over 20 stable and specialized designers and engineers. Tell us your wholesale drink bottle ideas, we will make 2D/3D drawings for you to confirm, and we can sign an NDA to protect all your designs.

custom lids
Custom Water Bottle Lids

Our stainless steel water bottle manufacturer can make various kind of lids such as straw lid, sports lid, handle lid, stainless steel cap, wooden lid, flip lid. We have more than 300+ patents every years, including appearance patents, utility model patents.

Custom Surface Finish​

Capable of making spraying, powder coating, gradient ramp, 3D/4D/5D printing, water transfer, air transfer, heat transfer, electroplating, etc. by our wholesale stainless steel water bottle manufacturer. Everich can meet your different surface finish needs.

recycled stainless steel
Eco-friendly Water Bottle

Some of our bulk metal water bottles are made from recycled steel, with recycled percentages of up to 90%. We have obtained the RCS, GRS, GLF, and ISCC certificates, can pass antibacterial testing, which ensures that they are free of harmful bacteria.

Looking For A Water Bottle Factory To Develop Your Business?

MOQ is flexible and can be negotiated. depending on your project. Accept Customization for Small Orders. Design Products as Your Idea. Innovation and Robot Efficient Production. Submit an Online Message. Reply Within 24 Hours by Email.

FAQs About Stainless Steel Water Bottle

For your convenience, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions. Still, please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. Your reliable insulated water bottle manufacturer with over 20 years of experience.

Vacuum insulated water bottle is generally a water container made of ceramic or stainless steel with a vacuum layer. It has a cover on the top and is tightly sealed. The vacuum insulation layer can delay the heat dissipation of water and other liquids installed inside to achieve the purpose of heat preservation. The insulated water bottle is developed from the thermos kettle. The principle of heat preservation is the same as that of the thermos kettle, but people make the bottle into a water bottle for convenience.

1. Manufacturing Outer & Inner Bottle

①Pipe Cutting: Cut stainless steel tube to the appropriate length.

②Water Expansion: Place the stainless steel tube on the water expander. The pipe expands into a bottle under enormous pressure.

③Separating: Cuts off the two shells after water expansion with the instrument cart.

④Positioning & Shaping: Uses a large press, you can get the outer bottle you want, and ensure that the size of the product meets the requirements of the process drawings, and there should be no obvious defects such as wire drawing or cracking in the mouth.

⑤Necking: Uses a machine to squeeze the upside of the bottle to be a bottleneck.

⑥Thread Rolling: Threads are made with a special threading machine. Adjust the thread depth to meet the size requirements.

⑦Flat Mouth & Bottom: Cuts the excess part of the mouth and bottom.

⑧Ultrasonic Cleaning: Removes lubricating oil and dust during molding.

2. Assembly Bottle & Bottom

①Assemble the inner bottle and the outer bottle together by pressing the machine.

②Assemble the round bottom to the bottle by pressing the machine.

③Weld the outer bottle and the bottle bottom to prepare for vacuum insulation.

3. Water Leakage Test

Check whether the welding of the inner and outer bottles is in good condition, and eliminate the unqualified products.

4. Vacuuming

Using the tailless vacuum technology of the machine, the vacuuming standard shall be strictly followed. A vacuum is formed between the inner tank and the outer bottle, thereby preventing heat transfer, providing insulation, and preventing hot hands.

5. Mechanical Polishing

Polish the surface of the outer bottle to ensure that the mouth of the bottle is smooth and shiny. There must be no obvious wire drawing, scratching, black wire, and pits.

6. External Coating

The bottle is now ready for external coating – powder coating or spray painting. Kingvac is capable of doing both spray painting and powder coating processes.

7. Pattern And Logo Printing

Print the pattern design and logo on the bottle with various techniques – screen printing, thermal transfer printing, water transfer printing, laser etching, and so on.

8. Packing

After inspecting each bottle, including visual inspection and lid leak test, the bottle is placed in a separate bag for packaging.

Everich is a wholesale insulated water bottle manufacturer in China for more than 20 years. We have rich experience in custom manufacturing all types of drink water bottles with high quality and competitive prices.

The reason why the thermos cup can keep warm is mainly that the heat transfer is blocked after vacuuming. There are three ways of heat transfer: convection, conduction, and radiation, so even in a vacuum environment, heat can be transferred, but at a slower rate.

The function of vacuuming can only block heat conduction as much as possible, but in fact, heat conduction will still occur. When the temperature of the water in the thermos water bottle is higher than the outside temperature, it can slow down the decline of the water temperature. When the temperature is lower than the outside temperature, the rising speed of the water temperature in the bottle can be slowed down. Therefore, the vacuum insulated water bottle can keep both hot and cold.

Insulated bottles are made of stainless steel material, and understanding the difference between stainless steel materials will help you choose a better water bottle. There are more than 150 types of stainless steel, each with different properties. According to NSF international standards, the stainless steel used in food equipment must be either 200, or 300 series.

①200 series

200 series stainless steel, such as 201 SS and 202 SS, although this series is also considered food-grade stainless steel, is more prone to corrosion or rust due to its high manganese content and very low nickel content. Therefore, it is typically used for industrial products and cannot be used for drinkware. Stainless steel in the 200 series is lower quality and less corrosion-resistant than other types. It still has its place in an insulated water bottle thanks to its affordability.

②300 series

304 SS and 316 SS are austenitic stainless steel. Austenitic stainless steel has a low migration rate of harmful substances to food, can resist the corrosion of various media, and has high sanitary performance and processing performance. Stainless steel products related to “food” must use 304 and 316 stainless steel. 316 stainless steel is rarer than 304 stainless steel. This is an expensive, high-end stainless steel. It is mainly used in high-end equipment, such as aerospace, food machinery, and other fields. The common food-grade stainless steel used in daily life is 304 stainless steel (also known as 18/8), which has good acid and alkali resistance and strong corrosion resistance.

Overall, high-quality 304 SS and 316 SS are better choices when choosing a food-grade stainless steel water bottle compared to other materials. As a professional stainless steel water bottle manufacturer, our wholesale insulated water bottle is made of 304/316/201 stainless steel.

If you want to know more about the difference between 304 and 316 stainless steel, click here now.

A well-known stainless steel water bottle supplier in China,  Everich have rich experience in manufacturing drinkware and containers with custom shapes, caps, logo print, surface finish, packages, etc. Moreover, we have more than 200 patents, including appearance patents, utility model patents, etc. Mainly applied in China, Canada, EU, Japan, etc. We also design for our clients, many designs have registered patents by our clients.

# Size/Capacity: 14oz, 18oz, 24oz, 32oz, 40oz, 64oz,128 oz or other customized capacity.

# Multiple Replacement Caps/Lids: Straw Lid, Sports Lid, Handle Lid, Stainless Steel Cap, Spout Lid, Wooden Lid, Flip Lid, etc.

# Surface Finish: Spraying, Powder Coating, Gradient Ramp, 3D/4D/5D Sculpture, Water Transfer, Air Transfer, Heat Transfer, etc.

# Logo Printing: Silkscreen Print, Laser Engraved, Embossed Logo, Heat Transfer Print, 4D Print, Sublimation Transfer, etc. 

# Packaging Box: Egg Crate, White Box, Custom Color Box, Cylinder Box, Display Box, etc.

Our MOQ is flexible and can be negotiated, giving you the highest flexibility in the testing market. We will calculate the cost correspondingly, hoping you can place large orders after checking the quality of our products and know our service. Please feel free to contact us, we will respond fast to your request.

Sure. We usually provide existing samples for free, but a little sample charge for custom designs. Samples charge is refundable when the order is up to a certain quantity.

We usually send samples by FEDEX, UPS, TNT, or DHL. If you have a carrier account, it will be fine to ship with your account, if not, you can pay the freight charge to our Paypal, we will ship with our account.

It takes about 2-4 days to reach. If you want your own designs, it takes 5-7 days. Click here to get a sample now!

Of course, we are professional in OEM/ODM projects and we protect all the designs of every client, we will sign NDA if needed to ensure that we won’t send your artwork to any other clients and won’t sell your OEM items to anyone else. Any questions please send us your inquiry.

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