How to do sublimation on tumblers?

How to do sublimation on tumblers

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What is sublimation printing

In scientific terms, sublimation refers to the transition of a substance directly from a solid-state to a gas state without going through a liquid state.

Sublimation printing is a new generation technology, using special sublimation ink and sublimation transfer paper. Sublimation ink is a highly viscous mixture of solid dye particles in the carrier liquid. When heat and pressure are applied to the dye solid embedded in the transfer medium during the printing process, a sublimation process occurs. If it is printed on the clothes, the ink is directly sublimated into the clothes fiber, the durability is the same as that of cloth dyeing, and the color is sharp, which is more suitable for colorful patterns and lasts longer, and will not crack or peel over time like other printing methods.

What is a sublimation tumbler?

Because sublimation printing is easy to operate, low cost and the technology is quick to get started, many hand-made enthusiasts will make it at home. Some of the most popular sublimation blanks in the market are mugs and tumblers. All of these are coated with a special polymer coating. Under the high temperature, the pattern on the sublimation paper will be sublimated to the tumblers.

How To Do Sublimation On Tumblers?

Here we are sharing with you the fast two ways to do the sublimation work on the tumblers.

1. Tumbler Sublimation Printing With Heat Gun:

Materials You Need:

Sublimation Papers, Sublimation Tumbler Blanks, Heat Gun, Heat Resistant Tape, Water

● Step One: Wet the sublimation paper.

● Step Two: Wrap the bottle with wet sublimation paper and make sure the pattern is facing down.

● Step Three: Tape the sublimation paper tightly.

● Step Four: Heat the bottle with a heat gun for about three minutes.

● Step Five: Take off the sublimation paper.

2. Tumbler Sublimation Printing with the oven:

Materials You Need:

Sublimation Papers, Sublimation Tumblers Wholesale or Blank Water Bottle, Water, Cotton Thread

● Step One: Wet the sublimation paper.

● Step Two: Wrap the bottle with the wet sublimation paper and make sure the pattern is facing down.

● Step Three: Wrap the bottle with the copy paper.

● Step Four: Use the rope to fasten the sublimation paper on the bottle body.

● Step Five: Put into the oven at a temperature under 160 degrees for 20 minutes.

● Step Six: Take off the sublimation paper.

FAQs: Sublimation Tumblers

1. Can you sublimate on any stainless steel?

In order to obtain the best sublimation effect, it is best to use it together with polyester materials.

It can be used with a range of materials with professional polymer coatings, such as those found on mugs, mousepads, tumblers, etc.

2. What are the disadvantages of sublimation printing?

One of the core limitations of sublimation is the color of the material. Because sublimation is essentially a dyeing process, you will get the best results when the fabric is white or light-colored. If you want to print on black or dark materials, it is best to use a digital printing solution.

3. Can you sublimate a tumbler twice?

Tumblers can be sublimated to any number of times as they don’t get damaged, however, you must know that the previous print image will appear as a ghost image in the background when it is reheated.

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How to do sublimation on tumblers

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