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Many customers come to us for advice on private label insulated stainless steel water bottles. They want to buy custom made water bottles. While they are mostly new to the water bottle industry, they are really focused on designing the shape of the water bottle and their packaging, and incorporating their brand into our existing stainless steel insulated water bottles to implement the brand strategy.

Everich has helped many customers to build their own brands and accumulated rich experience. In this article, we’ll share some of Everich’s most common ways to tag/flag water bottles. You’ll learn a lot about how to add your brand to an insulated water bottle. In fact, these logo technologies apply to the personal labels of our other products, such as glasses, mugs, beer growlers, coffee pots, lunchboxes, etc.

1. What are the advantages of adding private labels?

1. 1 What is a private trademark?Why is it important to the water bottle business?

If you want to start buying thermos bottles, glasses, coffee cups or coffee pots, search our website to find bottle models that you are interested in, add personal labels to these models and start promoting your products in your brand.

Or you can send your design files or ideas to us and we will customize a bottle of your own brand for you.

1.2 Private labels are the best way for customers to distinguish your bottles from other bottles.

Because our products are always made with high quality and good design, your customers will be willing to pay higher prices and maintain loyalty to your brand after you add your own brand.

Of course, your profit will be much larger than that of other suppliers.

Then, I’ll introduce all the solutions and the estimated cost to you. After that, you’ll know how to add your brand to your water bottle. You are welcome to send us an email on specific cases, we will give you more accurate and detailed reply and quotation.

Solution 1: Silk Screen

Silk printing is the most common and widely used method of adding private labels to bottles and packages. Most of our products are screen printed. Suitable for stainless steel or plastic water bottles. If you purchase more than 500 pieces/items, silk screen is the easiest and cheapest way to add your personal label. If you buy more than $3,000 / piece, we can provide the silk-screen printing service for free. Alternatively, we could charge you about $60 for the trademark and about $0.02 for the printing of each item. The only drawback of screen printing is that it is not suitable for multicolor patterns, especially gradients. If you want to print a gradient color logo on your product, you should consider heat transfer. Or you need to find a solution instead of printing.

stainless water bottle laser etching

Solution 2: Laser etching/engraving

Laser engraving or laser etching gives your products a very high quality look. If you look around the market, you will see many bottles with laser etched logos, words or graphics on them. Usually it does not require a large MOQ, because there is no need for platemaking. Depending on quantity and size, it can cost anywhere from $0.05 to $0.15 per unit. When your product quantity is small, consider laser engraving.

Solution 3: Water decal

Water sticker, a sticker that can be used after soaking in water. It is a new transfer technology, which uses water as the carrier to separate the pattern from the substrate and transfer it to the substrate, realizing the principle of indirect printing.

Solution 4: Embossing and degreasing

Embossing is a stamping process used to create a raised or grooved logo or embossed pattern on the outer walls of stainless steel bottles. This is done by matching the punch and the punch. It is usually combined with 3D effects.

2. Add your brand/own label to products and packaging, and add your own brand to packaging.

Solution 1: Sticker label

Self-adhesive labels are definitely the simplest, cheapest and most widely used of all water bottle solutions. Yes, almost everything can be labeled. Typically, the MOQ for a design is only $40 to $50. Sticker labels are definitely the cheapest, easiest and most widely used of all kettle private label solutions. Typically, the MOQ for designs is only $40 to $50.

Solution 2: Tag

Tag is an economical solution to make your own brand/add your brand to our products (water bottles, glasses, cups, coffee POTS, water jars, etc.).

Solution 3: Wrapping paper, private kettle wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is a complementary solution to the private label of water bottles. It can make the bottle look high-end.

Solution 4: Printed plastic bags

Printed polyethylene bags are a simple bulk product compared to other packaging methods. Since the printing plate price is about $80 per color, we usually need thousands of minimum orders. If you do not intend to purchase this quantity, it is best to choose another private label solution.

Solution 5: Custom gift boxes

It is appropriate to do your own design and print on a custom box. This is, of course, the most expensive of all the private-label solutions. A nice gift box can easily make your kettle look great.

It is also a way to add value and sell at a higher price. The price of the box depends on the size, different materials and technology. 

If you want to design your own and don’t know where to start, please contact us. As the leading manufacturer of vacuum insulated water bottle, Everich can help you brand your water bottles.


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