Where Is RTIC Manufactured?

Where is RTIC from

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Where is RTIC from?

Rtic is an outdoor equipment company based in Cypress, Texas. It was established by twin brothers John Jacobson and Jim Jacobson, who are both outdoor enthusiasts.

It has achieved success in the cooler industry by selling high-end products at competitive prices. They offer high-quality coolers with all the features customers want at a fraction of the price of other brands and promote their coolers through word of mouth, positive reviews, and social media.

Overall, RTIC is a company that has achieved success by offering high-quality products at affordable prices. They have a strong brand identity and a growing reputation in the outdoor industry.

Where Are RTIC Coolers Made?

We can find it on RTIC ‘s official website. RTIC indicates that its products are manufactured in China, Cambodia, and Thailand in order to provide consumers with the best quality at the lowest price. Overseas manufacturing is a cost-effective way for retailers to provide affordable products to customers. Everich, like other cooler manufacturers, has signed NDA agreements with customers. Therefore, buyers cannot find any clues about RTIC or Yeti’s Chinese suppliers.

Why Is RTIC So Cheap?

RTIC was established with the aim of manufacturing high-quality products similar to YETI but at a more affordable price. Since RTIC mostly sells directly to consumers, it can offer its products at significantly lower prices while still maintaining profitability. You won’t find RTIC products at your local retail store. Instead, the brand relies on social media for promoting its merchandise, rather than traditional marketing methods.

Is RTIC As Good As YETI?

Many people refer to RTIC as a replica of YETI. Interestingly, Yeti was also founded by two brothers.

Both brands of coolers have their pros and cons, although their feature sets are almost perfect twins. Both have lids that seal tightly, rope handles that make them easier to carry (relatively speaking), and pre-shaped grooves for lashing them to the deck of a boat or the bed of a truck.

Best of all, they are formed using the same rotational molding process, resulting in a seamless structure with forced insulation to protect the contents from the outside world. They can also be locked for security (since rotomolded coolers have a shine factor) and to prevent creatures like bears from getting into your valuables.

From many review articles and videos, we can find that the difference in quality between the two brands is not obvious. You can buy according to the style and capacity you like.

How to Choose a Cooler?

There are several different styles out there, and each has its merits and specialties. As you read through the next section, keep in mind your goals with a cooler. In Everich you can find the following three types of cooler: soft cooler, hard cooler, electric cooler.

Soft cooler

This type of soft cooler is often made in the form of a crossbody bag or a backpack and has excellent portability. There is a degree of compressibility when not full, and it can even be completely rolled up for easier storage when not in use. Their capacity is usually smaller and can only be used by one or two people for a day, and their thermal insulation capabilities are also worse than those of hard coolers.

Hard cooler

When we imagine coolers, most of us think of traditional hard-sided freezers. They come in various sizes and shapes and at various prices. Hard models are generally less portable than soft models (although small models and some wheeled models have been tested for this) and tend to be larger. These are a great solution for feeding a large group of relatives at a weekend get-together, tailgating, or spending a few days car camping.

Everich – Buy Coolers in Bulk

Everich offers a range of wholesale ice chests that are perfect for outdoor activities. As a hard cooler supplier, we provide a variety of options, such as insulated ice coolers with handles or portable roto-molded hard coolers with wheels. Our ice chests feature high-performance insulating foam, allowing you to keep your beverages cold whether you’re in the office, at home, on a trip, or camping. The minimum order quantity for an ice cooler is 50 pieces, and for a cooler bag, it is 500 pieces. We welcome low-cost bulk orders.


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