Production Equipment for Stainless Steel Water Bottles

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Stainless steel water bottles have become increasingly popular in recent years as a more environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable plastic water bottles. These durable and reusable bottles are made from high-quality stainless steel, which is non-toxic, safe, and easy to clean. The production of stainless steel water bottles requires a range of specialized mechanical production equipment to ensure their quality and reliability. In this article, we will take a closer look at the main production equipment used in the production of stainless steel water bottles.

1. Stamping machine – Production Equipment

The formation of stainless steel water bottle is first made of stainless steel sheet welded into a stainless steel tube, the stainless steel tube placed on the Stamping machine, in accordance with the technical requirements of the bottle drawings, strictly press the size of the water bottle and water bottle body, so as to form the shape of the stainless steel water bottle, and then according to the required length of cutting. Every stainless steel water bottle needs a shell and lining. The stainless steel sheet will also be cut into a small round sheet, according to the requirements of the cup process drawings, placed on the designated mold, stamping out the desired shape of the steel bottom.

2. Welding machine – Production Equipment

The stamped stainless steel liner is placed on the machine, and the mouth is retracted and reshaped according to the technological requirements, and the bottom is reshaped, and then the inner shell and the bottom steel sheet are placed on the welding machine for welding, so as to form a complete inner shell. After the finished stainless steel inner liner is made, it is necessary to carry out side leakage, and ensure that there is no leakage, and then the shell is retracted. After the complete inner liner shell is put into the shell, the shell and the inner liner mouth are welded together first, and then the shell and the shell negative are welded together.

3. Polishing machine – Production Equipment

After the completion of welding, the polishing machine is used to polish the bottle body, and the engine drives the grinding disc to rotate and generate friction with the workpiece rotating on the grinding disc. The friction is used to generate cutting force and smooth the uneven place on the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of polishing. After polishing will show a more bright appearance, in addition to the physical and chemical cleanliness of the surface, but also to remove the stainless steel surface of the mechanical damage layer and stress layer, mechanical cleanliness of the surface, which is conducive to prevent the local corrosion of parts, improve mechanical strength, prolong the service life of parts.

Production Equipment for Stainless Steel Water Bottles

4. Injection molding machine – Production Equipment

Next is the use of injection molding machine to produce lid, handle and other plastic parts. First of all, we will mix the pp plastic parts and the mixed pigments, pour into the injection molding machine and stir, the injection machine will melt all the pp plastic parts into a liquid at high temperature, and then cool the melt into the cavity, so that the plastic products can show the shape of the lid and handle under high pressure.

5. Vacuumizing and sealing machine – Production Equipment

After the stainless steel bottle passes the test of the leak detector, it is sent to the vacuum furnace to extract the air in the bottle to ensure the heat preservation of the bottle body. Generally, the vacuuming time is 6 hours, and after the end, put it on the temperature measuring machine. The worker checks whether the bottle is vacuumed successfully based on the perception of the temperature of the bottle body. Each bottle will go through three temperature tests, one after vacuuming, one after polishing, and one after spraying. Three temperature tests are performed to ensure that each bottle is vacuum insulated.

6. Leak testing machine – Production Equipment

After the shell and liner are welded, the bottle will be put into the ultrasonic cleaning pool for cleaning. After cleaning, put the bottle into the leak tester to check whether it is qualified.

The specific steps are to adjust the air pressure of the leak detector first, then immerse the bottle in water to see if there is any bubble in the workpiece. The workpiece that does not bubble at all is qualified, and the workpiece that bubbles is unqualified. Qualified workpieces can successfully enter the next process for vacuuming, and unqualified workpieces will be recycled and processed again.

Water Leakage Test

7. Pressure test Machine – Production Equipment

Testing equipment is necessary for us to control the quality and keep the products in high standard, we pay much attention on those inspection before ship and hand them to our customers. The most common tests are leak tests and pressure tests.

As for the pressure test, the equipment we use is the water pressure tester. For cylinders of medium volume and above, the external measurement method is used, while for small volume bottles, the internal measurement method is used. In the hydraulic pressure test, the pressure holding time shall not be less than 30 seconds, the pressure gauge pointer shall not fall back, and the bottle body shall not leak or deformation significantly. When it comes to leak testing, air-tight testing equipment is used to determine whether a bottle has a leak problem using the pressure drop method. According to waterproof test requirements, test standard 60kpa pressure, leakage standard 100pa, to see whether his final leakage value meets the requirements.

8. Packaging machine – Production Equipment

And when it comes to the packing process, we’re going to use automatic packing machines. The machine will fold the flat color boxes into three dimensions, which will be pushed into a single product by a mechanical arm to seal. In this way, the finished products are presented to us one by one.

Stainless steel water bottles are an increasingly popular alternative to disposable plastic water bottles, and their production requires a range of specialized mechanical production equipment. The production of high-quality and reliable stainless steel water bottles requires a combination of specialized machinery and skilled technicians. If you are looking to buy a stainless steel water bottle for your business, it is important to choose a manufacturer that uses high-quality production equipment and processes to ensure the best possible quality and performance.

At Everich stainless steel water bottle factory, we have made significant investments in advanced automated lines that are operated by robots. By doing so, we have streamlined our production processes and greatly reduced the time required for manufacturing. This allows us to ensure that we are always able to deliver products to our clients within manageable timeframes. Additionally, automating our production has led to significant savings in labor costs, which we are able to pass on to our clients in the form of cost-effective solutions. As a result, we are able to offer high-quality water bottles at competitive prices, all while maintaining strict quality control standards.


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