How to Make a Water Bottle?

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Water bottle manufacturing involves a complex process that requires specialized equipment and materials, which are not normally feasible for individuals to handle at home. However, Everich is a leading water bottle manufacturer in China with over 20 years of experience. Our fully-owned water bottle factory, “Kingvac,” is capable of manufacturing different types of water bottles, including insulated and BPA-free sports water bottles. Here’s a simple explanation of the steps involved in producing plastic water bottles and stainless steel water bottles:

BPA-free Plastic Water Bottle

Materials and Equipment:

1. Plastic resin pellets: Our selection of plastic materials includes PP, PC, Tritan, SK, PETG, Acrylic, PCTG, and AS. All of our materials are 100% BPA-free and meet food-safe grade standards.

2. Injection molding machine: This machine is used to mold the bottle’s shape.

3. Mold for bottle design: The mold determines the bottle’s shape and size.

4. Blow molding machine: Used for stretch-blow molding to create the final bottle shape.

5. Preform heating equipment: To heat the preforms for stretching.

6. Cooling system: To cool and solidify the bottles.

7. Labeling and packaging equipment.

The Manufacturing Process:

1. Material Preparation:

Plastic resin pellets are melted and injected into a mold to create the “preform.” The preform is a smaller, thicker version of the final bottle’s shape.

2. Preform Heating:

The preform is heated to a specific temperature, making it pliable for stretching without losing its shape.

3. Stretch-Blow Molding:

The preform is placed into a blow molding machine, which stretches and inflates it using compressed air. This process shapes the preform into a bottle’s final shape.

4. Cooling:

The hot bottle is quickly cooled to solidify its shape. This is done using a cooling system.

5. Quality Control:

Bottles are inspected for defects and quality issues, and any rejected bottles are removed from the production line.

6. Labeling and Packaging:

Labels are applied to the bottles, and they are packaged for distribution.


Insulated Water Bottle

Materials and Equipment:

1. Stainless Steel Raw Material: The inner and outer layers of the bottle are typically made of 304/316 stainless steel for durability and insulation.

2. Welding and Sealing Equipment: Specialized machines and techniques are used to join the inner and outer layers of the bottle and create an airtight seal.

3. Cap and Gasket: The cap of the bottle often contains a rubber or silicone gasket to provide a tight seal.

The Manufacturing Process:

1. Fabrication of Bottle Components:

The inner and outer layers of the bottle are manufactured, typically through processes like stainless steel rolling and shaping. The insulating material is prepared according to the design.

2. Assembling the Bottle:

The inner and outer layers are brought together, leaving a gap for the insulating material. The cap is also attached at this stage.

3. Insulation:

The insulating material is placed between the inner and outer layers. If vacuum insulation is used, air is removed from the space between the layers to create a vacuum, reducing heat transfer.

4. Welding and Sealing:

The bottle is sealed, ensuring that there are no air leaks between the layers. Welding is used to make the bottle airtight.

5. Quality Control:

The finished bottle is thoroughly inspected for any defects or issues that might affect its insulating properties.

6. Testing:

The bottle may undergo testing to ensure it meets the specified insulation standards, including tests for heat retention and cold retention.

If you want to create custom water bottles on a smaller scale or as a DIY project, consider using wholesale blank stainless steel tumblers and applying your designs or labels using appropriate printing techniques and materials.


Water Bottle Manufacturer In China

As one of the best water bottle manufacturing companies in China, Everich & Kingvac is dedicated to R&D, design, and manufacture of various outdoor & drinkware products, they are 100% food-safe grade, and comply with European and American food safety standards. We have rich experience in OEM and ODM services, and our R&D team is able to form more than 450 pieces of new product design solutions every year.

With our outstanding R&D and design capabilities, good product quality and cost performance, and fast product delivery, we have gained recognition and established more stable relationships with international brand owners and large supermarkets. We have also helped many startups grow together and help them profit from their projects. Please contact us for bulk orders of water bottles.


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