How Much Does It Cost To Make Custom Water Bottles?

custom water bottles

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The Process Of Producing Custom Water Bottles

There are 6 steps to make custom water bottles.

1) Checking the idea

If you want to make custom water bottles, please tell us your idea first. We will make a preliminary judgment to determine whether your design is possible. If the idea is unreasonable, we will give you some advice. If the idea is good, we will take the next step.

2) Doing 2D/3D drawing

Our designer will help you do the 2D/3D drawing according to your custom water bottles idea. Then our technician will check the drawing and make reasonable modifications.

3) Preparing prototype

After you are confirming of the drawing, we will help you arrange the prototype. The prototype is normally made of ABS material. This is just for you to confirm the appearance and function of your custom water bottles. A small prototype fee is charged for custom designs.

4) Opening the mold & Making samples

The next step is opening the mold after your confirmation. Mold production time is about 45 days to 60 days. We offer a T0 sample, T1 sample, T2 sample, etc. for you to confirm.

5) Check & Test Samples

After receiving the sample from our factory, we will check and test for defects. If there is no problem with the customer’s request, then we will take photos of the sample and send the sample to you by express.

6) Mass Production

After the sample is confirmed, we can start mass production, it needs about 30 days to 40 days.

Attached is our custom water bottles process.

custom water bottles

The Cost Of Producing Custom Water Bottles

Custom water bottles cost depend on the 3D drawing, material, quantity, surface treatment, logo, and so on.

Cost variance of different material

About the material, we could do stainless steel(201/304/316), plastic(PP/PETG/AS/SK/TRITAN), glasses(High borosilicate glass/Soda-lime glass), and silicone. A normal size double wall 304 stainless steel water bottle mold will cost about $5000~$10000(without lid).

The normal lid is made of food-grade PP, the structure is more complex than the bottle mold. So the mold cost will be a little more expensive than bottle mold.

Cost variance of different quantity

About the quantity, our MOQ of the new mold water bottle is 3000pcs(1000pcs/each color). If your quantity is over 10000pcs, the cost will be cheaper. Also, we accept low MOQ for our normal water bottles, such as wide-mouth water bottles, narrow-mouth water bottles, cola-shaped water bottles, etc(MOQ:500pcs).

Why low quantity costs more?

First, one production line can produce more than 1000pcs at one time, low quantity will make it lose much production ability.

Second, during painting, we’ll have the rest of the paint if only painting 500pcs. Because the MOQ of paint or powder is 100KGS for each color.

Cost variance of the Surface treatment

For surface treatment, powder coating, spray painting, and sublimation are popular, they will cost about $0.2~$1.2. If you want to do a creative design on the bottle, we suggest you do 4D printing or water or heat transfer printing. Sending us your design, and we will help you check the price according to your design.

Cost variance of Manufacturing engineering

Different manufacturing engineering also makes costs different. For example, we have two ways to produce stainless steel water bottles. One is water swelling, the other is stretching. Water swelling has a connecting line on the bottle body, stretching doesn’t have it. So water swelling is cheaper.

Cost variance of Logo Printing

The laser logo and silk screen logo are classic, it costs about $0.05/pcs. Normally laser logo is silver color and the silk screen logo is single color. If your logo is colorful or an image, we suggest you 4D print the logo, the cost depends on your logo size.

Also, we could do a stamping of the logo, it needs to open a new mold. The cost of the stamping logo is around $1000(normal size).

Accessories make the cost different

We have many accessories for you to choose from. Such as brushes, lids, silicone bumpers, straws, and so on.

The price of brushes ranges from $0.05 to $2.5

The price of lids ranges from $0.4 to $0.85

The price of a silicone bumper ranges from $0.4 to $1.5

The price of straw ranges from $0.0.3 to $0.1

Cost variance of Packing

Customers have different packing requirements. Our art designers will help you do the box die cut first according to your requirements and bottle size. Here are some of our box types.

White box: It’s about $0.15~$0.35(depends on the size)

Color box: It’s about $0.2~$1.0(depends on the size)

Tube: It’s about $0.3~$0.8(depends on the size)

Gift box: It’s about $1.0~$3.0(depends on the size)

We will provide you free packing service if you have a QR code.

Cost variance of Shipping

We accept FOB, DDP, CIF, DDU, and many other trade terms. People would like to choose DDP(Door-to-door service).

Take going to America, and 500KGS good as an example.

DDP by sea is the most normal shipping way. Shipping time is around 18 days to 45 days, the shipping fee is around $600 to $1200. Deliver by USP or FedEx after arriving at the port.

DDP by air is the fasted shipping way, but the cost is the most expensive.

Also, we have DDP by train and truck. If you want to know the shipping fee in advance, please share your address with the postcode. We will help you calculate the freight!

Conclusion – Custom Water Bottles

To sum up, if you want to make custom water bottles, the cost includes many factors(mainly depending on the drawing). We will give you the best service and help you figure out the cost of each step.

We have our own professional design team. They will create innovative designs each month to help our customers update their product lines. If you have some creative ideas, you can share them with us. We will help you do the design and produce your own mold and custom water bottles! Also, we can sign an NDA to protect all the designs of every client.

Regarding quality, we passed the factory audit of BSCI, Walmart, Starbucks, Target, Costco, and Hema. Made of environmental protection material and could pass FDA and LFGB tests. Moreover, we own complete certificates such as CE, CB, ETL, and so on. Our QC team will help you do the quality testing before shipping.

Welcome to Everich to customize your own bottles!


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