How Do Manufacturers Test Water Bottle Quality?

water bottle quality test

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Quality inspection is an important part of water bottle manufacturing. In order to guarantee water bottle quality, a series of precise quality tests will be taken for stainless steel water bottles by water bottles manufacturers. In this article, we will introduce you to the detailed procedure and advantages.

Below are the main water bottle quality tests for stainless steel bottles. We would introduce them separately.

Water Bottle Quality Test: Insulation Test

In this test, we will pour some boiled water(just make the bottle full) into the stainless steel vacuum bottle. Then screw up the lid, and after 5 minutes of waiting, we could check out the result. If you can’t feel the heat when you hold the bottle, that’s absolutely a thermal flask. But if you can feel the heat, that’s a non-insulated bottle which means the insulation test is failed.

Water Bottle Quality Test: Leak Test

In the leak test, we will not only use cold water but also use boiled water to test if it’s leaked. First of all, pour the cold water into the bottle to make it full, next invert the bottle for about 5 minutes(make it lean on the wall or desk). After all that is done, you could shake the bottle and check out the result. If no water leaks from the bottle, the leak test is passed. If not, it failed. Then use the boiled water and do the same procedure. If it leaks, that might be the problem with the silicone ring on the lid.

Water Bottle Quality Test: Fall Test

In this test, what we need to do is just hold the bottle which is filled with boiled water horizontally then make the bottle fall on the floor about three times. First, check out the surface of the bottle if it’s broken. Next, check out if the lid falls off. Then shake the bottle and check out if there is an obvious sound, if so, the liner might be broken which makes the bottle not insulated anymore. If all the result is ok, the fall test is passed.

Water Bottle Quality Test: Coating Test

In the coating test, we will need a hundred grid knives and PSA tape. First, use the hundred grid knife to make a hashtag scratch on the bottle body, then use the PSA tape to paste on the hashtag. Next, remove the tape horizontally and check out if the coating is peeled off. If not, the coating test is passed.

Water Bottle Quality Test: Carton Fall Test

Before we are going to ship the goods, we would take the carton fall test as well. There is a standard for fall tests. If the gross weight is between 1kg and 9kg, the fall height would be 76cm. If gross weight is between 10kg and 18kg, the fall height would be 61cm.

Next throw the corner, edge, and side of the carton in order, then check out if the packaging and inside products are broken. If no damage or breakage to the packaging and no functionality or safety issues are found with the product, the test is passed. If the product is damaged or broken or safety issues, such as sharp edges or small loose parts are revealed after testing, the test is failed.

Water Bottle Quality Test: Lid test

There are two tests for the lid. One is a fall test, and the other one is a pull test. This procedure of this fall test is almost like the bottle fall test. We just only need to fall the lid on the floor several times, then check out if it’s broken. If yes, that means the material of the lid is poor quality. If not, it passes the fall test. The next one is the pull test, in this test we need to use the puller to pull the lid on the bottle. If the lid is not fell off, the test is passed.

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