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A lunch box is a container specifically designed for carrying meals. It is also known as a lunchbox. Lunchboxes are typically made of aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic. They come in various types, such as the insulated lunch box, the ordinary lunch box, and the plastic lunch box.

China has many lunch box manufacturers and traders, and they have strong manufacturing capabilities. As a result, many manufacturers worldwide import bento boxes from China. If you’re looking for a trustworthy bento manufacturer, you’re in the right place. We have compiled a list of the top 5 bento manufacturers in China (2023) to help you choose a manufacturer in China.

Top 5 Wholesale Lunch Box Manufacturers:

Everich – Wholesale Lunch box manufacturer

Looking for a reliable lunch box manufacturer in China? Consider Everich! We provide a wide range of lunch boxes in various colors, styles, and materials such as plastic and stainless steel. Everich is dedicated to excellence and innovation and has an extensive product range. We also offer personalized lunch box bags and sleeves to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, we provide OEM/ODM services if you want to create your custom lunch boxes. We are committed to providing high-quality lunch boxes at competitive prices while ensuring your satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale lunch box containers and how we can fulfill your needs!

Established Time: 2000

Nbthe – Wholesale Lunch Box Supplier

Our company was founded in 2009. We specialize in producing and selling a wide range of lunch boxes, including stainless steel, glass, and plastic lunch boxes of different qualities like high-quality and disposable styles you can choose from. We can even customize your logo on our products or create a custom design with your preferred color and shape. Our products are of very high standards, and we hope you like them.

Established Time: 2009

Kdmsteel – Wholesale Lunch Box Factory

KDM Stainless Steel Lunch Box is designed for use in various industries. We are a professional supplier of stainless steel lunch boxes in China, with over 10 years of experience. Our range of KDM stainless steel lunch boxes includes divided into three stainless steel lunch boxes, 3-in-1 set stainless steel lunch boxes, divided into two stainless steel lunch boxes, and Oval Shaped Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes. We pride ourselves on being skilled in the best manufacturing practices for stainless steel lunch boxes.

Nicety – Wholesale Bento Box Supplier

Nicety is a company that specializes in creating custom-made lunch boxes with high-quality sustainable materials (304) and cutting-edge designs. Our goal is to provide a healthier and more cost-effective way of preserving food. We manufacture wholesale food containers and personalized bento boxes that comply with many professional regulatory standards, including LFGB, EU, REACH, FDA, CE, and BSCI. Nicety has a minimum order quantity of 24 custom bento lunch boxes.

Year Founded:2005

Jayco – Wholesale Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Jayco Plastics has been delivering premium quality insulated reusable plastic housewares since 2001 and has become a highly trusted brand in the industry. Our in-house PUF filling facility, along with our injection molding machines of 60 to 250-ton capacity, and our penchant for developing avant-garde household plastic ware solutions have led us to deliver high-quality insulated water bottles, insulated soft-line lunch packs, steel insulated casseroles, insulated plastic lunch boxes, and more to our loyal patrons of close to two decades.

We are proud manufacturers and suppliers of household and kitchenware solutions. Our product category includes kids’ insulated reusable plastic school water bottles and lunch boxes featuring attractive prints of children’s favorite popular characters.

Jayco Plastics has a presence across major retail chains, including Reliance, Vishal Mega Mart, and D-mart, as well as online retail websites like Flipkart, Amazon, and more. Our premium quality products are exported to Africa, Dubai, Sri Lanka, and Fiji.

Year Founded:2001


Looking for a reliable manufacturer can be challenging in this day and age. However, our list can help you find the best stainless steel bottle manufacturer to meet your needs. It’s recommended that you conduct a background check before entering into a partnership with a manufacturer as they will play a crucial role in the success of your business.

Everich is a prominent Chinese lunch box manufacturer that specializes in custom wholesale lunch boxes. You can contact us to discuss your requirements and even place a trial order. We also offer free samples for your convenience. We are excited to establish successful business relationships with new customers worldwide in the future.


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