Vehicle-Mounted Electric Cooler Hard Sided

Product Features:

  • Electric Cooler: Equipped with a powerful compressor that is similar to a household refrigerator, this car electric cooler in empty is able to cool down to 32℉(0°C) from 77℉(25°C) within 10 minutes.
  • Home/Car Dual-Use & Battery Protection: With 12/24V DC and 110/240V AC adapter, you can cool stuff with this electric cooler at home or in your car or connect a portable power station during a picnic, barbecue, travel, boating, fishing and camping trip.
  • Mobile And Multifaceted: Use the heavy-duty rope handles, this electric cooler takes the 45 anywhere and when you need an extra hand—this cooler doubles as a step stool, tabletop, or cutting board.
  • User-Friendly Designs: The bottom of the camping fridge is designed to be non-slip, which can greatly reduce the lateral displacement to keep the car fridge running normally.
  • Dimensions: 643*473*443mm
  • Material: PP
  • Customizing Options: Capacity/Surface Finish/Logo Printing/Packaging box

Why Choose Everich’s Wholesale Electric Cooler?

1) CE&FDA&LFGB certified electric cooler, MOQ is 300 pieces.

2) Bringing multiple cans or bottles of drinks during a trip and keeping the beverages cold requires Everich’s electric cooler. The thermally insulated compartment maintains a low temperature for up to 10 days and has plenty of space for several items. Your customers will be satisfied with how our sturdy electric cooler keeps a large number of drinks cold during any fishing or camping events.

3) Pick from a wide variety of our electric cooler that comes with useful features like the built-in bottle opener and collapsible handle. Everich can also provide a custom cooler with wheels with your company’s logo and name or design. With so many cooler options to pick from, you can target specific markets to improve your profit margin.

4) Till now we are one of the best and most prominent wholesale electric cooler manufacturers and will ask you some pivotal questions which will allow us to get an idea of what your custom innovative cooler box is for.

5) Everich do OEM &ODM, our design team composed of more than 20 domestic and oversea designers, and also cooperated with several well-known artists and designers, every year we created more than 100 new creative, innovative designs for the market, and will patent some designs. If any need, we’ll sign NDA with you to keep your OEM design secret.

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