2022 March expo commending conference

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The March Expo of 2022 starts on March 1st and ends on April 15th. After 45 days, it has ended successfully. The long-awaited commendation meeting was unveiled in a new way on the afternoon of May 9. This is Everich’s first attempt at an online awards show. The 4-hour live broadcast generated 22,597 interactive comments and 4,958 likes which was a successful experiment.


data reporting

The first item of the awards ceremony is the exciting data presentation. In this March Expo of 2022, despite the impact of a new round of epidemic, Everichers still exceeded the sales target. A total of 17 groups completed the group goal, and a total of 44 Everichers completed their personal goal.

Lucky Draw

Everich tried online awards for the first time, and the staff in the live broadcast room made sufficient preparations. From the warm-up activity to the experience sharing part, the interaction has been continuous – lucky draws, exquisite gifts, delicious snacks, comment interaction, etc. The March Expo online commendation poured the concept of full participation into it, and even the punishment session is full of a happy atmosphere.

Awards session

In the 45-day “battle”, there are many deeds and challenges worthy of being recorded and every Everichers worthy of praise. In the face of the sudden epidemic in 2022, Everichers have overcome the current difficulties and constantly broke the sales records of themselves and the company.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Everich not only has excellent staff and excellent teams but also has a spirit of yearning for success! The fierce competition of the March Expo is displayed in the honor roll, and it is shown in the Everich Guinness list. The desire for success has made the Everich Guinness list update and iterate again, making the hero list more shining!

competition session

Everichers compete on the principle of fair competition to achieve mutual growth and self-breakthrough. In this session, each competition team gave their opponents the greatest thanks and encouragement in the form of hugs – thanks to their opponents for making themselves who they are today, as long as they do their best, both the winner and the loser will be the best!

competition session

experience sharing

Five outstanding Everichers from four teams shared their experience in the March expo war and shared all the insights and learnings from point to point. Their humorous way of sharing was greeted with applause from the Everichers on the spot and comments on the Everichers on the screen.

Concluding remarks

During the March expo of 2022, Mr. Yao also felt the enthusiasm and hard work of the Everichers. He also affirmed the breakthroughs achieved by the Everichers and the spirit of perseverance in the current epidemic.


Based on the current situation, Mr. Yao put forward the struggle direction of “customer is our lord, the product is our weapon, improve our customer service, pay more attention to the sales platform” and he put forward new expectations “This March expo tests everyone’s mentality, and we must be like tigers in the next Super September and wish the new salesman shine in September! “

The March expo has come to an end. Facing the new quarter, we will continue to strengthen our goals and strive to build the company into the most competitive enterprise in the industry within a few years.


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