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Why Everich Became Vacuum Flask Manufacturer?

ODM & OEM Ability

We can customize your brand logo, from logos and packaging to finishes and more. Share your vision with us, and we'll provide detailed 2D/3D drawings for your approval. To ensure the confidentiality of your designs, we can also sign an NDA.

High Efficient Production

Our factory has invested in multiple automated lines, all managed by robots, which significantly reduces production time and keeps delivery time within manageable limits. This allows us to efficiently handle vacuum flask bulk orders as well.

Professional Team

We have a specialized marketing unit and sales team. From the moment you send the inquiry, there will be a dedicated sales staff to serve you until the last moment when your order is completed. As your reliable vacuum flask supplier, we ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

Flexible MOQ

MOQ is flexible and can be negotiated. (Notice: we do not support retail orders and drop shipping.) Please send an inquiry if you are interested in placing a custom water bottle wholesale order with a trusted vacuum flask manufacturer.

What Can We Do

We have rich experience in manufacturing all types of drink water bottles and outdoor gear, establishing ourselves as a trusted vacuum flask manufacturer in the industry.

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The Ultimate Guide to Manna

Manna water bottles are typically made from high-quality stainless steel. They are designed to be durable, reusable, and capable of maintaining the temperature of beverages for extended periods. The inner walls of these bottles often have a double-wall vacuum insulation, which helps keep drinks cold or hot. Some Manna water bottles also come with BPA-free plastic lids or silicone components to ensure safety and functionality.

Yes, you can put hot drinks in Manna water bottles. They are designed with double-wall vacuum insulation, which helps keep beverages hot for extended periods. Just ensure the bottle you have is specifically rated for hot liquids, as some models may be intended only for cold beverages.

Yes, Manna water bottles are generally considered good. They are known for their durability, stylish designs, and effective insulation, which keeps drinks hot or cold for extended periods. Many users appreciate their leak-proof features and the variety of sizes and styles available.

To wash a Manna water bottle, follow these steps:

1. Hand Wash: It’s recommended to hand wash your Manna water bottle to ensure it lasts longer. Use warm water and mild dish soap.

2. Use a Bottle Brush: A bottle brush can help you reach the bottom and all the inner surfaces of the bottle. Scrub thoroughly to remove any residue.

3. Clean the Lid: Disassemble the lid components, if possible, and wash them separately. Use a small brush to clean any small parts or crevices.

4. Rinse Well: Rinse the bottle and lid thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue.

5. Air Dry: Allow the bottle and lid to air dry completely before reassembling and storing them.

Avoid using bleach or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the bottle’s finish and insulation properties.

Yes, Manna tumblers are BPA-free. They are designed to be safe for use with beverages and are made from materials that do not contain bisphenol A (BPA), ensuring that your drinks are free from harmful chemicals.

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