Expert Tips for Logo Printing and Surface Treatment on Water Bottles

Logo Printing and Surface Treatment

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Logo printing makes customers impressed with our products deeply. It’s good for the promotion of our products. And different kinds of surface treatment on water bottles determine the applicable scenarios of the water bottles、personal pattern preferences and durability of surface treatment.

Learn how to make your water bottles stand out with expert logo printing and surface treatment methods. Our ultimate guide covers everything from different techniques to choosing the best method for your design.

Logo Printing for Water Bottles

Silk Printing

Screen prints with graphics are made by using a screen as the plate base and by photographic plate making.

  • Advantages: cheap、fast、clear colors.
  • Disadvantages: limitations of bottle type、limitations of color selection、 durability is not strong and it is easy to wear.

Heat Transfer

Transferring the pattern on the transfer film to the product surface through thermal transfer machine processing.

  • Advantages: colorful、high pattern accuracy、high daily output.
  • Disadvantages: costs are higher、 high-quality requirements for paint.

Water Transfer

Special paper made of nano-materials and special eco-friendly ink to print images on any solid media.

  • Advantages: No limitation of cup shape、clear colors、colorful、high pattern accuracy
  • Disadvantages: costs are higher

Air Transfer

Transfer the pattern to the cup by wrapping and baking.

  • Advantages: clear colors、colorful、high pattern accuracy
  • Disadvantages: costs are higher、 limitations of bottle shape、

Water Decal

The principle of indirect printing is achieved by using water as a carrier to separate the pattern from the backing paper and then transfer it to the substrate.

  • Advantages: suitable for shaped surfaces、can do gold and silver stamping effects 、clear colors、colorful、high pattern accuracy
  • Disadvantages: costs are higher、high labor costs、high requirements for painting and baking

3D Printing

3D printers that can “print” real objects are used to create three-dimensional objects through layered processing and iterative molding.

  • Advantages: no limitation of cup shape、clearly three-dimensional、 rich in innovation
  • Disadvantages: costs are higher、high requirements for painting and baking

Surface Treatment for Water Bottles

Spray Painting

A method of applying to the surface of the object to be coated by means of a spray gun or atomizer, dispersed into uniform fine droplets by means of pressure or centrifugal force.

  • Advantages: safe, colorful, advanced technology、flat and smooth surface
  • Disadvantages: the painting process will produce harmful substances、the surface of the cup is easily scratched

Powder Coating

Powder Coating is sprayed on the parts through high-pressure electrostatic equipment.

  • Advantages: safe, colorful, advanced technology
  • Disadvantages: uneven surface


The surface coating is removed by laser to reveal the stainless steel material.

  • Advantages: durability、fast
  • Disadvantages: single color

How to Choose the Best Logo Printing and Surface Treatment Methods for Water Bottles

Silkscreen would print a one-color design. MOQ is lower than 500 pieces per color. THE UNIT PRICE IS MUCH LOWER.

Heat transfer and air transfer would paint colorful designs on bottles. MOQ is 1000 pieces per design. And need mold charges from 350-800 dollars. UNITE PRICE IS MUCH LOWER.

4D print also could print colorful designs on bottles. MOQ is 500 pieces per design. UNITE PRICE IS MUCH LOWER.

Here are the tips if you want to customize your bottle: 1. choose a design 2. We do mock-ups for your reference 3. Offer price for you.

The importance of cooperation with experienced water bottle manufacturers is as follows:

1. The other party can provide reliable solutions and advice on using materials based on extensive experience.

2. With more experienced manufacturers, the plant’s manufacturing process is more mature.

3. Can shorten the supply cycle of suppliers and improve supply flexibility.

4. Can reduce the inventory level of raw materials and components of the enterprise, and reduce overhead.

5. Improve the quality of raw materials and components.

6. Strengthen communication with suppliers, improve the processing of orders, and increase the accuracy of material requirements.

7. Share the technology and innovation achievements of suppliers, speed up product development, and shorten the product development cycle.

8. It can share management experience with suppliers and promote the improvement of the overall management level of the enterprise.

Why Choose Us

1. Engaged in foreign trade for a long time, since 2000 has been committed to water products, in the industry has a certain precipitation and accumulation.

2. Everich has a complete closed-loop industrial chain, creating a complete industrial ecology from R&D design, production-wise system, import and export brand, 2B, 2C, 2D, cultural, and creative.

3. Our products are highly safe and have passed many food safety and security certifications by TUV\LFGB\FDA\SGS.

4. Our brands and products have a certain degree of popularity in the industry. And has cooperated with many famous brands around the world, such as Coca-Cola, COSTA, Starbucks, Apple, Huawei, etc. We have also become the official water cup and water bottle supplier for the 19th Asian Games.

5. We can make group purchase customization and private customization according to customers’ needs to realize personalized demand.


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