How to Choose Reusable water bottles: glass, stainless steel or plastic

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As the appealing of keeping eco-friendly ideas is increasingly shared within years, many industries have been changing their products into more energy-saving to protect the environment. 

Reusable water bottles are a water container to assist you to drink better. Normally, there are three materials to produce a reusable water bottle: glass, metal, and plastic. It is controversial to decide which material is the healthiest and the plastic bottles, in particular, are highly criticized as it is believed to damage the environment badly by transmitting harmful elements. Compare to plastic material, glass and metal are more welcomed by customers in terms of water quality and healthcare. 

Therefore, it is important to distinguish the most suitable reusable bottle for you.


Glass is a common material in many industries, such as the water bottle industry. It is said that the glass water bottle should be the safest one as long as it doesn’t break. This is not the assumption but the truth as glass is made of natural materials so that harmful chemical substances are not likely to produce in the bottle when the water is hot or cold. Besides, the glass bottle is better at maintaining the original taste of water. It is because some customers complain that water will taste terrible like chemical liquids in plastic or metal bottles. 

However, we can’t eliminate the risk of glass bursting, especially when people forget to test the water temperature before filling hot water in a cold glass bottle that finishes washing just now. In case of such risk, there are heat-resistant and shatterproof glass bottles in the market. But it also causes another dilemma that these bottles are not easy to recycle due to the special material. If you want to discard this type of bottle, you need to separate it carefully and ask your local recyclable facilities on whether they would like to accept it.   


As white pollution become one of the urgent environmental problems nowadays, plastic has been calling as the worst invention in human history. However, you have to admit that most reusable water bottles currently are made of plastic. Plastic water bottles are manufactured from plastic polymers like polypropylene and copolyester, these polymers can guarantee the bottle light and durable. It is not the right way to reuse your plastic bottle as bacteria is tend to build up in cracks although the plastic seems reliable. What’s more, never fill hot water in your plastic bottle as soon as the water is boiled as it can cause chemical leaching to harm our bodies. 

There are lots of plastic water bottles that are suggested as being free of bisphenol A (BPA), which is widely used in plastics hormonal disruptions in humans. 

You have to be cautious to recycle your plastic bottles as plastic is tough to decompose, there will be a typical plastic recycle bin for you to throw away your bottle. 


Stainless steel water bottle is normally be seen in the market recently. In contrast to the glass bottle and plastic bottle, a water bottle made by metal has less risk for drinkers to quench thirst. Moreover, stainless steel water bottle is professional at maintaining the water temperature at an average level. Imagine you are sitting anywhere you want, your ice drink or cold beer will stay chilled for 24 hours or your coffee, tea or milk will keep hot for 12 hours. Some stainless steel water bottles are equipped with an alarm reminder to make sure you can drink water regularly every day.

In terms of eco-friendly consideration, the stainless steel water bottle is advised to keep in typical recycle point as they have different make-up. 


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