Why You Need The Best Drinking Bottles for Tongue Tied Babies

Drinking Bottles For Tongue Tied Babies

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One of the worst fears for any parent, especially a first-time parent, is hearing that their child has a problematic medical condition. Medical conditions can range from something easily fixable to life-threatening, and they all cause stress and frustration to both child and parent. 

One medical condition is called ankyloglossia, which is more commonly known as being “tongue-tied”. Babies with these cases need to have special care and attention, such as the best bottles for tongue tied babies.


What is Being Tongue Tied? 

Ankyloglossia is a condition that is present from birth. This condition restricts the child’s tongue, making it difficult for the tongue to move around freely. It is characterized by unusual development of the lingual frenulum, which is the short band of tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. 

The lingual frenulum is shorter, thicker, and stiffer than normal. Babies with this condition have difficulty breastfeeding. They can also develop problems with speaking and swallowing if the condition is not treated.  

In most cases, tongue tied symptoms will correct by itself, and parents can help their child by using the best bottles for tongue tied babies. However, there are cases where surgery might be needed.  

If you have this condition, there is a higher chance that your baby will get the same condition.  

Symptoms of Being Tongue Tied 

Here are some of the symptoms of being tongue-tied: 

·       The child might have problems sticking their tongue out or moving it from side to side 

·       The tongue appears notched or heat-shaped 

·       Difficulty in swallowing, eating, or speaking/making hard letter sounds 

If you notice that your child is having these issues, you should consult with your pediatrician immediately. Your doctor will be able to recommend the best course of action, whether you should get a speech-language pathologist or use the best bottle for tongue tied babies.  

Is It Bad for My Baby? 

Tongue tie syndrome can affect your child’s oral development, especially if you don’t treat the condition early. They can have problems breastfeeding, as well as problems bottle feeding as they wean off the breast.  

The condition can also make it difficult for your child to practice proper oral and dental hygiene because it is difficult to remove food debris from the lower front teeth, gums, and under the tongue. It is common that children with this condition have a gap between the two bottom front teeth.  

How Do Drinking Bottles Help? 

If your pediatrician recommends that you find the best bottle for tongue tied babies, this is because these bottles are specially designed to help manage this condition. These bottles have a restricted flow of milk so that your child can more easily cope with the flow of the liquid. The nipples are also firmer than normal so that they don’t flatten and make drinking from the bottle more difficult. 

When using these bottles, make sure that you learn the proper feeding techniques for tongue-tied babies. Ask your pediatrician how you should feed your baby to ensure that they have a safe and enjoyable feeding time.  

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Using the best bottle for tongue tied babies is greatly beneficial for both child and parent. For the baby, they will not only have a soothing and comfortable feeding experience, but they will also receive the optimum amount of nutrients possible! For parents, it will be a relief to see that their baby is finally eating properly without difficulty. Both parent and baby will be able to share this bonding experience and making feeding time much more enjoyable. 


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