Why are hydro flask wide mouth water bottles so popular?

wide mouth water bottle

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Hydro Flask’s most classic style is their wide mouth water bottle. In 2008, founder Travis Rosbach started to use reusable bottles then he bought two metal bottles, both of which turned out to be unsatisfactory.

He said his GSI bottle was too bulky to fit easily in the refrigerator, and the mouth was too narrow to hold ice cubes. “By the time I would get outside and sit down and go surf and come back, it would be almost, you know, boiling hot,” he said.

He also didn’t like his Klean Kanteen. He recalled that its lips were the wrong shape for him, so the water would drip onto his face.

So he and his then-girlfriend Cindy Weber decided to make a better bottle. Hydro Flask was born.

Thermos have been a consumer product for decades, and the Stanley name alone goes back a century. But a brand like this offers a wide variety of shapes, colors, and trendy patterns, yet its flagship bottle has a narrow finish. You really can’t fit an ice cube in it.

All water bottles probably look the same and probably serve their purpose: keep you hydrated. However, some water bottles have wide mouths, while others do not. Is there any reason behind this? And why are hydro flask wide mouth water bottles so popular?

Narrow mouth vs. Wide mouth bottles

There is little benefit to buying a water bottle with a narrow mouth. The shape of the bottle is fixed and you can hardly reach to clean it. The only real benefit is that you’re less likely to splash yourself when you drink, but that can be fixed in many other ways, like buying a straw or sports cap. On the other hand, the narrow mouth bottles are a better choice for sipping and kids who find it hard for them to drink from a large water bottle.

Advantage of wide mouth water bottle

When we talk about the bottle mouth, we’re actually referring to its opening. There are few advantages to buying a water bottle with a narrow mouth.

The wide mouth of the water bottle makes it easier to clean the inside and effectively removes stains and even bacteria. Wide mouth water bottles make it easier to transfer and collect liquids from different sources and to stir and mix substances more easily.  

If you can’t wash your water bottle in the dishwasher, you can easily insert a sponge or brush to clean it, if it has a wide mouth. The wide mouth also guarantees that you enjoy a constant flow of water as if you were drinking from an open glass.  

Wide mouth water bottles make it easier to refill or share drinks. If you are outdoors and have a filter, you can easily collect some water from natural resources using a jar.

A large wide-mouth water bottle can also save you from heavy refills throughout the day. Whether you’re working out in the gym or in sports training, you can fill up all the water you need at the same temperature and take it with you.

Are there any disadvantages to wide mouth water bottles?

Inexpensive wide-mouth water bottles can cause massive spills. So if you’re going to let your kids use it, make sure to replace the cap with a smaller, tighter one. The bodies can also be large enough for them to hold tightly and can be a bit heavy.  

The solution is to get a good handle to prevent dropping and damaging your stainless steel water bottle. You can also get leak-proof caps for wide-mouth water bottles. By using these caps, you don’t have to worry about losing most of your water instead of drinking it.  

Due to its large opening, warm or cold air can easily enter and change the temperature of the beverage. Ice can also melt faster in a jar if not properly insulated.

In Conclusion

Generally, water bottles have wider mouths, which makes cleaning easier and more effective. Even if you’re outdoors, having a wide-mouth water bottle makes it easier for you to refill. On the downside, wide-mouth water bottles can make your drink temperature change quickly if they don’t have good insulation. However, if you are looking for a water bottle for your child or you prefer hot drinks, a standard mouth bottle that allows you to sip will be a better choice.

Moreover, there are many more sizes and lids available in wide mouth water bottles, so if you’re not satisfied with the limited options offered by standard water bottles, you can always consider a wide mouth water bottle.

wide mouth water bottle lids
Wide Mouth Water Bottle Lid Options
standard mouth lid options
Standard Mouth Water Bottle Lid Options

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