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Air Fryer is a new type of kitchen appliance, it is loved by more and more people because of its convenience and health features.

What is an air fryer?

The air fryer works on the principle of “high-speed air circulation technology”, which generates hot air by heating the heat pipe inside the machine at a high temperature and then using a fan to blow the high-temperature air into the pan to heat the food, so that the hot air is circulated in a closed space, using the food itself to fry the food, so that the food is dehydrated and the surface becomes golden and crispy. The effect of frying is achieved.

Advantages of air fryers vs. traditional cooking methods
Compared to traditional cooking methods, air fryers use high-temperature air as a medium, without adding additional cooking oil, so the use of air fryers fries, chicken wings, and other foods, the intake of fat will be significantly reduced, and the taste of these foods delicate, both traditional fryer flavor and no greasy feeling.

Types of air fryers

First: Basket-type air fryer

The basket air fryer is a frying basket to hold the food that needs to be cooked, we just need to wash the basket and put the food inside to cook it.


1. In the small size, a random corner can be put.

2. Easy to operate, many novices can easily make food, it does not need to look at the oil temperature, and no preheating, just put the food in advance, the switch is turned on, and you do not need to keep watch, addition, do not have to worry about oil splashing out to burn themselves.

3. Easy to clean, after pouring out the residue, take the pan out and scrub the non-stick layer with a wet cloth, very convenient.


If you choose a smaller capacity air fryer, each time the food baked will be more limited. If the food is stuffed too full too much, then the food is easily unevenly heated and needs to be shaken by hand during the cooking process.

800D dual 2

Second: Stove-type air fryer oven

Features: From the appearance, most of the ovens on the market are square, pull-the-door closed form, and generally larger capacity, the current mainstream ovens come with the function of hot air, which can ensure the uniformity of baking.


1. Relatively than the air fryer heating more evenly, because the heating tube heating, temperature control effect will be more excellent, the food is more evenly heated, more suitable for some pastry baking.

2. Compared to the air fryer, the oven capacity has enough advantages, a large capacity can also achieve more ingredients baking requirements, which makes it more suitable for family use.


The use of the oven is relatively more trouble compared to the air fryer, such as the need to preheat, and some of the baking time to be a little longer, the technology needed to be a little higher, and no air fryer convenience.

1006 oven 2

Third: Touch Screen Air Fryer


Touch model air fryers refer to air fryers with LCD panels. These air fryers rely mainly on smartphones to control temperature adjustment, with more precise temperature control and often more features (such as preset menus, appointment times, etc.).


1. Easy and convenient to operate, just touch the screen to set up different dishes.

2. Diversified options, touch screen air fryers usually have different preset options such as fries, chicken wings, fish, etc., making them easier to use.

3. More accurate temperature control: The touch screen air fryer has more accurate temperature control, which can better control the cooking effect of food.

4. Fashionable appearance: touch screen air fryer appearance is more fashionable and suitable for modern kitchen decoration styles.


1. Touch screen air fryers are usually more expensive compared to knob air fryers.

2. When the wet hand clicks the touch screen, the response may not be very sensitive.

touch screen

Fourth: Mechanical air fryer

The knob air fryer uses traditional controls where the user adjusts parameters such as temperature and time by turning a knob.


1. Affordable, knob air fryers are usually more affordable than touch-screen air fryers.

2. Mechanical air fryers are more durable and last longer.

3. Easy to clean, as the knob can be removed from the outside, the knob air fryer is easier to clean.


1. Operation is not precise enough, because the knob control method is not as accurate as the touch screen, users need to pay more attention to the control time and temperature and other parameters when using.

2. The options are not diverse enough and the knob air fryer usually has fewer preset options than the touch screen air fryer, requiring the user to manually adjust parameters such as time and temperature.

3. The appearance is not stylish enough, compared to the touch screen air fryer, the knob air fryer appearance is more simple.

5.5L WiFi

Fifth: WIFI Air Fryer

The Wifi Air Fryer can be connected to your cell phone via the Internet, and you can operate it from your cell phone by downloading the appropriate software.


Mobile phone connection, you can remotely control the air fryer at any time, you can also monitor its operating status, and timely adjustments, very convenient and intelligent.


When the air fryer is far away from the router, or the network at home is not good, it may cause the phone to take a long time to connect to the air fryer or the connection is not smooth.

air fryers

Key factors to consider

A. Cooking ability
B. Power and wattage
C. Temperature control and range
D. Cooking presets and functions
E. Ease of use and control
F. Cleaning and maintenance
G. Security Features
H. Brand reputation and customer reviews

Additional Features and Accessories

A. Digital display and touch control
B. Adjustable temperature and time settings
C. Non-stick cooking surface
D. Dishwasher-safe parts
E. Cooking accessories (e.g. racks, skewers)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A. How does the air fryer work?
The principle of the air fryer is to use high-speed air circulation, quickly circulating hot air to the oven in various places and parts of the rapid heating way, to achieve the effect of frying a variety of food, French fries, fish, etc. Therefore, it is healthier, cleaner, safer, and more economical in daily use because it uses less grease, odor, and steam than traditional frying.

B. Can I cook all types of food in my air fryer?
Most fried foods become less oily and healthier when cooked in an air fryer, but not all foods are suitable for air fryer cooking, such as cheese, popcorn, marshmallows, a whole egg, etc. Before using unconventional air fryers to cook foods, you can search online for safety.

C. Is cooking with an air fryer healthier than frying?
The same food cooked in an air fryer will generally be relatively healthier than fried in a deep fryer and lower in fat and calories. Cooking in an air fryer also helps reduce the harmful chemicals produced when frying.

D. How much space does an air fryer need in the kitchen?
According to the choice of capacity, the air fryer under 8L can be placed under a corner of the kitchen and does not take up too much space.

E. Can I adjust the temperature and time settings while cooking?
Yes, it can be adjusted at any time according to your needs. When you put the fried blue back in, the machine will automatically start working again according to the new settings.

F. Is the air fryer easy to clean?
Our air fryers use a non-stick coating that is easy to clean.

G. Are there any safety issues with air fryers?
As long as the correct use of certified air fryers is according to the instructions, there are generally no safety hazards.

H. Can I use an air fryer to cook for a large family?
Yes, if the number of family members is large, we recommend using an air fryer with a capacity of more than 8L or a larger capacity oven-type air fryer.

I. Can I cook frozen foods directly in the air fryer?
Yes, the cooking time of frozen food will be relatively longer than that of room temperature.


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