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Why Everich Became Vacuum Flask Manufacturer?

ODM & OEM Ability

We can customize your brand logo, from logos and packaging to finishes and more. Share your vision with us, and we'll provide detailed 2D/3D drawings for your approval. To ensure the confidentiality of your designs, we can also sign an NDA.

High Efficient Production

Our factory has invested in multiple automated lines, all managed by robots, which significantly reduces production time and keeps delivery time within manageable limits. This allows us to efficiently handle vacuum flask bulk orders as well.

Professional Team

We have a specialized marketing unit and sales team. From the moment you send the inquiry, there will be a dedicated sales staff to serve you until the last moment when your order is completed. As your reliable vacuum flask supplier, we ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

Flexible MOQ

MOQ is flexible and can be negotiated. (Notice: we do not support retail orders and drop shipping.) Please send an inquiry if you are interested in placing a custom water bottle wholesale order with a trusted vacuum flask manufacturer.

What Can We Do

We have rich experience in manufacturing all types of drink water bottles and outdoor gear, establishing ourselves as a trusted vacuum flask manufacturer in the industry.

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The Ultimate Guide to Rtic

You can buy RTIC coolers from several places, both online and in physical stores. Here are some options:

Online Retailers
1. RTIC’s Official Website: The most direct way to purchase RTIC coolers is from their official website.
2. Amazon: RTIC coolers are available on Amazon, often with customer reviews and potentially faster shipping options if you have Amazon Prime.
3. Walmart: Walmart’s website offers RTIC coolers, sometimes with in-store pickup options.
4. eBay: You might find both new and used RTIC coolers on eBay, often at varying price points.
5. Academy Sports + Outdoors: This sporting goods retailer also sells RTIC coolers on their website.

Physical Stores
1. Walmart: Some Walmart locations carry RTIC coolers in-store.
2. Academy Sports + Outdoors: This chain has physical locations where you can find RTIC coolers.
3. Local Outdoor or Sporting Goods Stores: Check with local outdoor and sporting goods stores as they may carry RTIC products.

Other Online Options
– Costco: Occasionally, Costco may have RTIC coolers available online.
– Target: While less common, Target’s online store sometimes stocks RTIC coolers.

For the best deals, it’s a good idea to compare prices across these platforms and check for any ongoing promotions or discounts.

RTIC coolers are manufactured in China. While RTIC is based in the United States, their products, including coolers, are produced overseas in China.

RTIC coolers are often compared to Yeti coolers because both brands offer high-performance, rotomolded coolers designed for durability and ice retention. Here are some key points to consider when comparing RTIC to Yeti:

1. Performance: Both RTIC and Yeti coolers are known for their excellent ice retention capabilities, typically keeping contents cold for several days. In independent tests, RTIC coolers have been shown to perform similarly to Yeti coolers in terms of ice retention.

2. Build Quality: Both brands use rotomolded construction, which makes their coolers extremely durable and able to withstand rough handling and outdoor conditions.

3. Price: RTIC coolers are generally priced lower than Yeti coolers for comparable sizes and models. This makes RTIC a more budget-friendly option without compromising much on performance or quality.

4. Design and Features: Both brands offer a variety of sizes, colors, and features (like integrated handles, non-slip feet, and accessories). The design preferences between the two may come down to personal preference.

5. Brand Recognition and Support: Yeti has been established longer and has a strong brand reputation. Yeti also offers a wider range of products and accessories. RTIC, while newer, has gained popularity quickly due to its competitive pricing and comparable performance.

Ultimately, whether RTIC is as good as Yeti depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a high-performance cooler at a more affordable price point, RTIC is a solid choice. However, if brand history, broader product selection, and premium features are more important to you, Yeti might be worth the investment.

RTIC Outdoors, LLC, the company that owns RTIC coolers, was founded by twin brothers John and Jim Jacobsen. They established the company in 2015 with the aim of offering high-quality outdoor products, including coolers, at competitive prices compared to established brands like Yeti. Therefore, RTIC is privately owned by its founders, John and Jim Jacobsen.

RTIC Outdoors, the company behind RTIC coolers, is headquartered in Cypress, Texas, United States. This is where the company manages its operations and oversees the production and distribution of its outdoor products, including coolers, tumblers, and other gear.

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