Insulated top rated ice chest coolers outdoor cooler / best coolers for camping
Hard cooler with aluminum handle





    Insulated top rated ice chest coolers outdoor cooler / best coolers for camping 

    1.Commercial Grade Insulation

    Keeping ice for a long time is easy as the walls of EVERICH coolers contain thick pressure-injected commercial grade polyurethane foam insulation.The insulation used is a closed-cell foam that stops air and moisture. Because of the foam's density and glue-like tenacity, it also adds structural strength to the walls.

    2.Freezer Grade Gasket

    Our coolers lock in the cold with a high quality freezer gasket that completely circles the full length of the lid locking in the cold. It's like a portable freezer. It keeps the cold air in and the warm air out. The seal is a very important part of the cooler as it helps keep the cooler colder longer. The gasket measures a 6mm wide and a 6mm thick and helps prevent leakage if the cooler were to turn over on its side.

    3.Non-Slip Lid & Cup Holders

    Our lids have a non-slip textured surface.The cooler can even be used as a casting platform.Designed with 2 self draining cup holders.

    4.Locking System

    Add a long shank padlock to keep AHIC and secure.

    5.Rapid V-Drain System

    Our coolers utilize a recessed V-Drain system allowing the cooler to be drained completely.

    6.Easy-Lift Lid Handle

    We designed the coolers with an extended lid to help make opening the cooler easier. The lid handle extends thick past the cooler's edge. No more pulling on the T-latches to open the cooler. Using the latches to open the cooler could stretch the latches and make the seal less effective and thus cold air to escape the cooler.

    7.Non-Slip Feet

    Non-marking rubberized feet prevent the cooler from sliding around on boat decks or truck beds, keeping the cooler firmly in place.
    Our non-slip feet riser technology is a key functional design element that improves cooling performance by minimizing contact with hot surfaces. The feet elevate the cooler off hot surfaces allowing air flow underneath the cooler for maximum cooling and easy deck cleaning.

    8.Heavy Duty T-Latches

    Our lid T-latches are made from all-weather heavy-duty flexible silicone, making our latching system one of the most durable and secure on the market. Designed to interlock into the body of the cooler, EVERICH coolers stay shut in the most extreme environments. Our latches provide smooth trouble-free performance under real-world conditions and the T-handle style provides sure grip for operating latch. The latches are UV resistant and completely non-corrosive.


    • C001

    • LLDPE+PU

    • 20QT. INNER DIMENSIONS (L*W*H cm ) 35.3*20.1*25.7

    • insulated hard cooler

    • PE bag+carton box

    • G.W:7.2kgs