Purchasing Festival Kick-Off Meeting: How Did We Prepare For SuperSeptember

SuperSeptember Purchasing Festival

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Beginning in 2016, Alibaba will hold the SuperSeptember Purchasing Festival every September to promote business. Everich is a manufacturer of stainless steel water bottles, tumblers&mugs, water jugs, BPA-free water bottles, and other drinkware, and we serving 300+ Drinkware customers worldwide and determined to produce quality products that have a lasting impact. In order to provide clients with superior service, we held the warm-up activity of purchasing festival.

On August 30, all the staff of Everich participated in the warm-up activity, which greatly encouraged all employees to make full preparations for the upcoming purchasing festival. September is the peak period of traditional foreign trade, and an even more splendid culture will be created by Evericher!

purchasing festival

Drum Performance

The first item of the kick-off meeting was the drum performance. In the unified drum music, the hearts of all employees are closely connected. At this moment, everyone breathes and moves in unison, looking firmly in the direction of victory. With the determination to win, Evericher beat the drums and played the war hymn together. At purchasing festival, the winner will be the Top Sales! Accompanied by the encouraging drum music, the launch meeting of the purchasing festival officially kicked off. Thereout, the e-commerce war is on the way right now, and the sales competition among Evericher will also really start.

Africa Drum
drum performance

Team performance

The second activity is the team show. Each business team performed well-prepared programs, including song performances, dance performances, and other forms. In addition to professional sales ability and knowledge, Everichers also has some achievements in talent. The audience also waved enthusiastically and sang together loudly. Thanks to all the staff for the wonderful performance.

team performance
team performance
team performance

Sales Competition

Another storm was burning inside Everich, and everyone was eager to have a splendid battle during the purchasing festival. Therefore, the third activity-sales performance competition came. Each sales team set a sales target and selected their rivals. After the drawing lots, the opponents of each group are formed and divided into team competition and individual competition, and different competition goals were also set, such as order completion rate and order completion speed. Everich will reward our top monthly salesperson with some extra money or a prize. Friendship first, competition second. Under friendly competition, each team will achieve better results.

sales competition
sales competition

Surprise Party

At the kick-off meeting, a secret birthday party was prepared for our boss Michael Yao. Firstly, a birthday video recorder was played, which showed the Evericher’s full love and blessings for Michael Yao. After singing the birthday song and distributing the birthday cake, Boss Michael reviewed the growth of each subsidiary and business team and expressed his affection for the birthday party. The employees also shared their wonderful stories about their work and life in Everich and expressed their gratitude to Boss Michael.

surprise party

Gathered together, every sales team set a sales target while enjoying the beautiful African drums and stunning performance. Evericher is fully prepared for the coming September and purchasing festival!

Purchasing Festival Kick-Off Meeting

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