2022 Everich’s semi-annual meeting

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At the beginning of 2022, the slogan unite as one was shouted in the annual summary meeting, and look into the future was proposed in the launch meeting of the Super September Festival at the end of February. The two slogans became the new expectation of Everich – gathering together for the bright future. With such expectations, Everichers are moving forward to face the challenge and do their best to write a satisfactory answer sheet for the first half of the year. In the process of seeking breakthroughs and progressing in the midst of stability, Everich also got steady development and achieved good results in the 2022 New Trade Festival.

2022 Everichs semi annual meeting2

semi-annual meeting

In this meeting, the heads of each department summed up the problems encountered in the past six months of work, while planning future work goals. Don’t forget the original intention, everything goes well. Summarize the past and clarify the direction, so that the second half of 2022 will be improved to a higher level.

2022 Everichs semi annual meeting3

At this semi-annual meeting, Cui, the new general manager of Kingvac, took the stage for the first time to show the new strategic plan of Kingvac and put forward the goal of improving work efficiency, which means for matters that do require presence in person, they should be processed at a single visit, and without the need for a second visit. Her comprehensive analysis and sharing won the applause of the Everichers.

2022 Everichs semi annual meeting4

Speaking with data and proving with practice, the bottles’ attentive summary and careful planning were recognized by Mr. Yao “In today’s summary meeting, I saw everyone’s progress, from speaking with data, analyzing deficiencies to proposing improvement measures, everyone is improving and growing, and I also learned a lot of new things from everyone’s summary.”

At the same time, Mr. Yao also shared with the Everichers the strategy of the five most expectations and the Big Dipper plan, and analyzed in depth the work direction of “one brand, two battlefields, three forces, and four strategies”. “He also clarified the keywords “focus on indicators, two or eight principles, and dare to challenge” in the second half of the year.

We will try our best to live up to our expectations. Hardworking people will always be born in the sun, and positive teams will always thrive. The first half of the year will urge us to move forward, and the second half of 2022 has already begun,  and we will strive to create more value for our customers.

We hold company-wide meetings several times a year. We work hard to set benchmarks for the latest styles and colors and continually review our stainless steel bottle product line each year. We get feedback from our customers and consumers to make the improvements and changes that people want and need. We are constantly evaluating market trends and upgrading our equipment, skills, and products to meet your requirements and expectations.


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