2022 Everich Year-end Conference & Commendation Conference

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On January 11 and 12, 2023, Everich’s 2022 year-end conference and commendation meeting was successfully held. In this year-end meeting, the heads of various departments carefully summarized and planned, the annual outstanding Everichers were unveiled one by one, and their insights and the occasional lucky draw made the popularity of the live broadcast room continue to rise.

Meeting Highlights

In 2022, Everich continued to move forward in a stable and rising tone, and every step we took was a combination of the unremitting efforts and hard work of the Everichers. In this process, there are exciting moments and warm moments, and it is these experiences in 2022 that make the Everichers have more expectations for 2023.

01 Year-end summary

Every return journey is for a better departure. In the annual year-end stocktaking, each department head made an in-depth review of the department’s 2022, summarized the achievements made in the past year, analyzed the problems, and shared the annual planning and annual keywords of the department in 2023. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Yao led the heads of each division/subsidiary to write and display their respective annual keywords in the following 2023. The Everichers will start a new round of journeys around the keywords!

02 Year-end conference

Without sowing, there is no harvest, and without hard work, there is no progress. Looking back at 2022, we all have been going through thick and thin, exuding vitality with ordinary warmth, gradually approaching and completing our goals with the most resilient hearts, and moving towards annual glory with robust steps and outstanding work performance. A dazzling honor, a paragraph of affectionate speech, for the annual commendation conference added a wonderful stroke.

03 Promotion

In the 2022 year of Everich, a number of excellent Everichers emerged, they were sure of their goals and strived for advancement, and were successfully promoted.
In the annual commendation meeting, Everich promulgated the appointment letter of new promotions, and the two Everichers who were promoted to supervisors were appointed on the stage one by one. We believed they are ready to meet new challenges and start a new journey in the brand new year 2023!

04 Warm moment

In 2022, Everich has been growing, and at the same time, we welcome many new talents to join us. In just one year, 125 new staff entered the Everich family. In the meeting, they showed themselves through a creative video to let everyone know themselves.
In addition, Everich also gave 9 new moms a “mommy gift” to express their congratulations and appreciation. We congratulate them on their new status in life and thank them for their efforts in promoting careers while balancing their families.

05 Lucky Draw

The lucky draw for this meeting was divided into two sessions. In the morning session, delicious snack packs and small gifts were given out, and in the afternoon session on the second day, a sincere year-end lucky draw was prepared for the Everichers!
5 newest iphones, and 143 dazzling gifts – projectors, eye care devices, massagers, goldware, makeup, etc. …… Although it was an online meeting, everyone’s high enthusiasm was transmitted through the pop-ups, and the live broadcast room once reached the upper limit of personnel, and one wave of cheering pushed the meeting to a new climax.

06 Future Prospects

2023 is a special year, the first open year since the new crown epidemic in 2020, Everich will also usher in new opportunities. Looking back on the past three years and looking forward to the future, Everich has more expectations. The online meeting brought together the past three years and future expectations of Everich into a wonderful video, conveying confidence and aspiration.

07 Chairman’s Summary

During the two-day online meeting, Chairman Yao watched the whole meeting online and put forward targeted suggestions combined with the harvest shown by department heads, the shortcomings analyzed, and the planned future.

At the same time, Mr. Yao also explained to the Everichers the interpretation of the theme of 2023, “Perseverance, Choose New Realm, Create Future”, so that the Everichers could understand more deeply the direction of the ship of Everich in 2023. For the new journey in 2023, Mr. Yao expressed his confidence, which comes from the confidence in the industry, the confidence in the company, and the confidence in the Everichers!


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